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Losing Formatting when Pasting HTML Signature

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Losing Formatting when Pasting HTML Signature

I made a html coded and stylized signature. (It’s a table with the text styled with inline formating)
I am trying to copy and paste it into my signature.
When I paste it in, I get the grid layout and url links but lose all the formatting.
As a side point - when I tried to paste it into the signature setting on gmail, the formatting worked just fine. So I think its something with comcast and not my file.
I tried using different browsers (Firefox and chrome), different computers (windows 10 and mac) emptied my cookies and tried every possible combination of copy and paste without any results.
Does anyone have an idea of what else I can try? 

Re: Losing Formatting when Pasting HTML Signature

There is no guarantee that copying any HTML from a source outside of the Appsuite software will render correctly.  I'm not sure why that is, but there you have it.  I would try enabling the account in a desktop client like Outlook, Mac Mail or Thunderbird, then see if you can copy and paste using the client's signature feature.