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Legitimate emails being routed to spam folder.


Legitimate emails being routed to spam folder.

  An organization I take classes with  puts out a mailing regarding classes or events. If classes are cancelled due to severe weather, email is the only way cancellation notices are posted. For some reason, these messages are being routed to the spam folder,  thats if they get delivered at all.  I put the groups email addess in my contacts list. I move the messages to inbox,  mark then as NOT SPAM,  did a live chat with a representative, who was going to have someone get back to me within 24 hours (still waiting, did they mean within 24 days?)  Tonights class was cancelled. A  cancellation notice was sent out 24 hours ago. It did not arrive until today, after the class would have ended, and even then it went directly to spam.  What extreme measure is it going to take to get through to Xfinity to rectify this issue?


Re: Legitimate emails being routed to spam folder.

Call Comcast security and see if there is a blocking issue for that sender's domain---------------


Comcast Customer Security Assurance-------------------

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