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ID theft attempt?

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ID theft attempt?

I received an email message in late Dec of last year, I looked at it then, but didn't click on the link within it, mainly because I was unsure of its legitimacy.  This morning, however, I decided to take a closer look at it.  It appeared legit to me, so I clicked on the link. That's when Firefox (my internet browser) presented an "unsecured connection" error and stopped the connection to the link I had clicked on. This really caused me a lot of confusion.  I later learned, that most likely, I received this error because of an improper certificate on the remote end (did someone "drop the ball?").

Is this the case or is the error message valid?

Should I be concerned with potential identity theft?


For clarity, I've attached a screenshot of the error message & the email message that I received in last Dec.(In the reply to this post)


FF unsecure connection error.jpg