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I like an Honest Answer

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I like an Honest Answer

First, you don't have "billing" listed under "Choose a Board" pull down menu!?

Second, I waisted a whole hour looking for an email contact to your "Customer Service" from your website, and found None!?

How can you survive in 21st centuty without having an email? Your website have numerous technical issues and is not user friendly; simply, I cannot use it!

Your "Chat" room promised to send me an email so I can communicate with you; but none I have received after 8 hours. Your technical representaive and "other" person promised to email me a requested information on my account this morning. The last person told me that I'd expect up to six (6) hours to receive a response from your team! I've checked my email now after ten (10) hours and nothing have been sent. Could you please tell me do you treat all of your customers this way? Or you're singling me out? Appreciate your response as soon as possible.


Re: I like an Honest Answer

The billing forum is right here-------------