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How do I change the line spacing in email? It's on double spacing and tech support doesn't know!!

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How do I change the line spacing in email? It's on double spacing and tech support doesn't know!!

My email is on double spacing and I want it back to single spacing.  I've called Comcast twice, one call being Tech Support and the guy simply said he didn't know and that's a pretty straight forward thing.  Really?  I've spent hours searching for an answer as to where this can be changed but can't find anything.  Settings would be the logical place but I can't find anything there either.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank you.




Re: How do I change the line spacing in email? It's on double spacing and tech support doesn't know

The new Appsuite email software doesn't have some of the same word processor-like features as the older Zimbra format.  It is designed to use the word-wrap at the end of a line instead of using the Return key.  So just keep typing and the next line will be single-spaced.  For a paragraph, hit the Return key once to get the standard double-spacing.

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Re: How do I change the line spacing in email? It's on double spacing and tech support doesn't know

I stumbled upon an old thread dedicated to this issue.  I was searching google for fix I could implement without assistance from Comcast.  All the links on google point to various threads on Comcasts’ forum because it is seemingly a problem unique to Comcast.  Note the dates.  Fifteen Months ago.  Apparently the people at Comcast who care are powerless to get the attention of the email team or this is not a “high priority” as many were promised.  A third option could be incompetence at some level…


jonjon64 02-07-2018 02:00 PM:  when i hit the return key while typing text within a comcast email, it inserts an extra line space (when viewed by recipient).  how do i correct this?  Thanks


ericnj 04-02-2018 04:43 PM:  Funny, I got to this thread because I was finally irritated enough to try to find out the solution to this pesky problem.


Anon375204 04-24-2018 09:50 AM:  I am so frustrated with Xfinity / Comcast web mail.  There are so many annoying nuances that I am ready to set my forwarding instructions and go gmail.


peter1231 05-30-2018 11:52 AM:  I spoke with Comcast second level support about this problem.  She was very attentive and really wanted to help, but this remains an open issue, which we duplicated while on the phone.


kram160 06-26-2018 11:35 AM:  This really is a pain in the you-know-where. I've never seen any email client -- or any desktop-publishing program for that matter -- exhibit this behavior. It's totally non-standard. Just goes to show that the Comcast developers are ignorant about usability, or just plain ignorant. Note that there are multiple threads regarding this problem, which was first reported in January --  nearly  six (6) months ago. Plenty of time for them to have fixed it by now. Either it's not a priority for them, or they simply don't care.


peter1231 08-17-2018 11:05 AM:  It's a total disgrace that Comcast hasn't even looked at this.  I've been on the "high priority" list to be notified immediately on updates for a long time and never receive anything.  I talked to them on the phone  for more than an hour and a half and escalated they had no information.  The reps on the phone were very nice, it's just that development doesn't do anything so they have nothing to say.


notations 08-17-2018 04:40 PM: Same problems here.  The formatting in Word doesn't help. I'm surprised this isn't a bigger issue.  It's really not possible to format a business response without a tedious amount of time spent on editing your own letter.  As a writer, I care about how my messages go out in all forms  including email.  I'll likely switch to Outlook.


peter1231 08-18-2018 09:38 AM:  I really wish "experts" would stop apologizing for Comcast.  Email is SEVERELY BROKEN.  


These are just some snippets because I do have a life, or at least I would like to think so.  The gory details can be read here in the entirety.


There is no point in discussing something Comcast won’t address.