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How I got Outlook email to work again

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How I got Outlook email to work again

I was happily using Outlook 2003 for many years when approx 2 weeks ago the POP server kept rejecting my user ID while Send/Receive was running.  I tried all the new email "Port" numbers thar Comcast said we had to change to - to no avail.  NOTHING WORKED !!  After many days, I finally uninstalled Office 2003 altogether and installed Office 2007.  I recreated my User email from scratch and did not import new settings so as to get a clean setup  .  .  .  but still could not get email to work !!  Here is what I ended up doing  .  .  .


I switched from POP3 email to imap email, which means that the incoming email server must be changed..

I followed the Comcast guide and set the incoming email server to:   which did not work !!  Somewhere (I don't recall where) it was stated that you need to use   which worked !!!


In the "More Settings" Outgoing Server tab I checked the box for "SMTP requires authentication" and then set it to "Use same settings as my incoming mail server"


Another issue was the email ports in the "More Settings" screens in the "Advanced" tab. .

The comcast guide says to use 993 for the incoming imap email port - did not work because that number is for POP3 !!!  I read somewhere else that you should use 995 for imap.  So I changed it and that worked.  I set the outgoing email port to 587.


Lastly, there is another  setting in the "More Settings" screens in the "Advanced" tab.  I changed the Outgoing SMTP server encryption from "SSL" to "None" and that worked like a charm.

So finally my email works.  However I still need to import all my emails from my Outlook 2003 Outlook.pst file which I had saved  -  as well as my email folders and my Contacts list.  I will be praying that the importing works successfully - will see when I get around to it.