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Help with Outlook 2016 and Comcast

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Help with Outlook 2016 and Comcast

Hello. I recently switched to Comcast from Centurylink Prism. I use Outlook 2016 to access my emails from two different gmail accounts. Since switching the modem from Centurylink to Comcast, my outlook doesn't work.  I've tried everything from different incoming/outgoing server numbers to contacting outlook and comcast and no one  can help me. Has anyone had this issue? Please help. I hate to have to sign in to different three different screens to keep up with my emails.




Re: Help with Outlook 2016 and Comcast

I don't know that the modem would have any effect on this.  But try deleting one of the accounts in Outlook, then recreate it again from scratch and see if that works for you.