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Filter Rules Don't appear to be working

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Filter Rules Don't appear to be working



I am just about beyond disgusted with the Comcast filter rules and the lack of documentation, but am hopeful someone will try to tell me what I might be doing wrong.


One filter rule, one condition. Process subsequent rules is checked.

When you save a filter does it take affect immediately? Is there a delay?

Can I test using another Comcast account? This is so seemingly simple,

but it is not working


- top level, apply rule if any condition is met

- Content contains working at home, action discard





Re: Filter Rules Don't appear to be working

When you create a filter, sometimes you have to sign out of the account and back in again to get the filter to "take".  Try redoing the filter from scratch and sign out and back in again.  See if that gets it done.

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Re: Filter Rules Don't appear to be working

Same with me.  I am getting 10+ spam emails a day.  I create rules and 1/2 of them don't work.  I mean simple rules.  I wish Comcast routed spam a little better to the smam folder.