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Erroneous DCMA notices.

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Erroneous DCMA notices.

Hopefully someone from comcast can respond to this, but I recently got a DCMA notice from Zenimax over downloading a mod for Fallout 4.


Fallout 4's EULA states that it is perfectly acceptable to create and download mods to the game as long as you transfer ownership of said mods to them. Sadly, when you do create mods, part of FO4's EULA states that you agree to give ownership of your mod to Zenimax and they can decide what to do with it. However, Zenimax, does not have a system wherein they bother to let people know which mods they don't want people to download and use. You can read all that BS here, under the software utilities section.

My question is, why am I getting hit with a DCMA notice for downloading free content for Fallout 4, when there's no responsibility on Zenimax's part to notify the end user of which content they won't allow?