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Email whitelist?

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Email whitelist?

I (like many other Comcast email customers) continue to suffer from Comcast's spam filtering.mail whitelisting. Legitimate emails from my own Gmail account get sent to Comcast'sspam folder. Only some, not all! Additionally, legitimate emails from Merrill Lynch get sent there.


There is no way to whitelist these senders. Marking them as "Not spam" has no effect. Obviously, having my Gmail address sometimes get filtered as spam and sometimes not makes no sense.


I have been forced to turn off spam filtering in Comcast's email as the only way to get around this.


When will Comcast come up with a  way for their paying customers to whitelist senders, IP addresses, or domains without having to wait on the phone to have Comcast support personnel whitelist them on a case-by-case basis?


When will we get a Whitelist capability?

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Re: Email whitelist?

@rgtalk wrote: ... When will we get a Whitelist capability?

Please see