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Email shows bogus attachments

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Email shows bogus attachments

I have been told of a problem when Comcast Xfinity accounts receive emails from AT&T (SBCglobal/Yahoo) that have been sent via MS Outlook2003.


When I send an email from my account via Outlook to a Comcast email account, if the recipient views my email directly from Xfinity’s website mail, my email shows three bogus attachments (I sent no attachments). However, if I send an email through some other email client or if I send it directly from SBC/Yahoo email, no attachments appears OR, if is send an email to any other email provider (not Comcast) even using Outlook, there are no attachments.


So, there appears to be a problem where non-existent attachments show up when an email is sent from SBC/AT&T using Outlook to Comcast where recipient views the email from Xfinity’s website mail.