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Email - Xfinity's 'new experience'

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Email - Xfinity's 'new experience'

This email is to anyone from Comcast who had any hand in launching your 'new experience' email server. This afternoon around 3 pm all, and I do mean absolutely all, of my emails disappeared. They disappeared from my phone, computer, and the Xfinity email server - all at once. When I logged into my account, praying that they were somehow still on there, I encountered a pop-up that said something like, Welcome to your new Xfinity email experience. We think you'll like it. Let's get started. I could not get the ad to close - no 'x' in the corner, no 'close ad' or 'hide ad' that worked. So, I called Comcast and was assured by the first service person that they were still there on their server and she would be able to fix it. After trying several things, she said 'I'll have to transfer you to our email specialists. Now, I know quite well what that means. In Comcast language that means 'I can't fix this and I better hand it off to the person who will tell her that.' So, I speak to the specialist for about 2 minutes, calmly, and am told that Comcast (Xfinity) has just launched an upgraded email server, and unfortunately..... you know the rest. So, all 4000 of my emails (I have a small business and that was tons of my customer communications and contact info) are gone forever. Her statement was 'Sorry there's nothing we can do at all. Have a nice day'.

I'm transferring to gmail. But, seriously Comcast, you need to get a much better handle on the consequences of your actions to your customers!!  Good thing I meditate or I'd be completely crazed!

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Re: Email - Xfinity's 'new experience'

I feel for you! You seem very calm for a person that has had a company mess up your livelihood. I can't even imagine losing my emails and correspondence. I still have my emails but have to spend hours searching through my emails to try and find the one I need. The super terrific search bar in the new experience is a nightmare and no one at Comcast seems to care! Upper Management please hold someone accountable and get your system fixed!!