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Email Problems

Why did it take me 5 times to sign into my email before I saw it was secure.  Every time I went to sign in, the black exclamation mark was there first, then it went away, and came up with security.  I don't believe there should be any doubt that I am signing into my email account without having to worry.  When I signed into the forum, it didn't ask me for any information, but to make up a username.  What is going on with the email?  Why do I now have to worry about signing in to my email securely?  And why am I not getting important verification emails, half the time, I do not get them.  Why not and where are they going?


I am concerned about security with Comcast.  I always was and now it seems I have reason to be.  Please secure your internet.  Get rid of some of your WiFi and hot spots.  If you are going to provide a product, then make sure it is runnning securely.  No, Norton doesn't work.  I have never had so many issues in my whole life of computing.  I have had it feeling like my computer is not secure.  I don't want to stop using a computer, but sometimes it isn't worth how much I worry about getting hacked or my computer is not secure, or you can't use certain ports, you have to use a dictionary worth of passwords.  There has to be a way to fix this.

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