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Is there someone who can HELP me?  I know I don't receive some of the emails.  There are important emails from my son's school, my mortgate company that are not getting to me, even though i'm on distribution list.  Around 4/16, my volume of emails got much lower, and I know I didn't receive at least 3 emails with important information.


Comcast chat is a waste of time - there are only generic answers.  Calling Comcast - there is a wait of more than 60 minutes. I posted earlier on this forum and got contacted to provide more details, which I did.  After that I got no answer.

It is like hitting your head against the wall.  No one can help you out.

The only thing Comcast works around the clock is sending out bills.  That works flawlessly...

I hate switching companies, but that might be the time to consider Verizon.

It is just so sad that I'm being loyal customer for over 15 years, and when I desperately need help...there is no one to help me....