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Connecting in public to internet services

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Connecting in public to internet services

How do I...

Connect to Xfinity when I am in a public place?

When I am in public and I want to check something on line, often times, I go to settings then to connections and one of the offerings will be xfinitywifi.  Since I already subscribe to the services, don't I already have  that?  And how do I sign in to it?

Can I save my password on my device so that it would automatically connect when in range?

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Re: Connecting in public to internet services

When you're out and about, and you see an Xfinity hotspot come up on your device, what happens if you sign into your account?  I don't use that feature that much. but I can use the Xfinity hotspot off of one or more of my neighbor's gateways, and when I go to my supermarket it just automatically uses their wifi which is Comcast.  The same thing happens at the public library------also Comcast.