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I am a new customer of Comcast/infinity.  When I signed up for email I was given a "" account.  When adding my wife to the account, she is "".  Does one also establish the other?.  Do we each have a "" and a "". I suspect one is web based and the other imap or?


Reading the "sticky" for email it really directs how to establish new users for access to my infinity account management in spite of the directive indicating email.


Could someone please clarify?  Thank you!


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I tried to add a secondary account today, and briefly, it showed as  But now it's gone, and any email I send to it bounces.  There is the possibility that the Xfinity domain may be introduced down the road for email, but there has been no announcement about it. You are the second person I've seen reporting this issue.

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Sorry for the delayed response. Are you still seeing the infinity domain when adding a secondary user?