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Helpless in Massachusetts.....

I have 5 comcast accounts (various ones all ending in

Side Note:  I was with Comcast, now with Verizon for my home internet provider. 
All 5 accounts are having the same problem.

We can focus on one:  rwdy2
a.  I have all 5 accounts on my iphone - when I use the iphone default mail and on my ATT wireless service, I am able to receive and send mail on all 5 accounts.
b.  When I switch to my Verizon wifi at home, I can receive mail but cannot send

c.  I use Outlook (full version 2016) on my laptop.  None of the comcast accounts send mail but I can receive on all of them.


The error message I get when trying to send mail is the following:

Task '' - sending 'reported error (0x800CCC67): 'the server responded: 421 CSI IP is not permitted to send messages. Please contact support if you feel this is in error.'

I have reached out to the Post Master and put in a block list removal - the response back was that the IP address is not blocked.  This IP address being mentioned is a Verizon modem/router IP address.  

This is their exact response:  "We need the IP address currently blocked to further investigate this issue. The IP address is a number separated by decimals and is located in an error code starting with "550" in the returned email from Comcast."  I don't have this.


Update:  I tried to delete the rwdy2 account to reinstall it and now it will not reinstall - I keep getting a message that "something went wrong"  and Outlook will not set up the account nor can I get it set up using the control panel/email accounts.  I am reluctant to delete any other .comcast accounts because atleast now I am able to receive on them.  

Any ideas?

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Just a quick update:
I was able to set up the rwdy2 email account under User Accounts/Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016) but a test message was unable to be sent.

The same error message is happening that I logged before.