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Comcast has changed my email address

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Comcast has changed my email address

I have not received any email since about March 1st.  I got to looking around and it appears someone at Comcast decided it would be fun to change my email address.  Gone is the account I use as my primary account for bills, doctors, bank notices, etc and I am quite perturbed.  How can they just decide to do that?!  I'm sure it was Comcast that did this because all of my folders and saved emails are there.  The last one is dated March 1st and then nothing except a few from Xfinity and 3 of those were generated from me trying to figure out what the world happened.  I guess everything from March first is floating around cyberspace not knowing where to land.  It would be great if someone could find those and send them my way.


Re: Comcast has changed my email address

Exactly what happens if you try to sign into your account?  Comcast doesn't change people's addresses.  Even if they wanted to, they don't have your password.  Try sending yourself a test email from some other account you have like Yahoo or Gmail.  Does it get through OK?