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Chrome Browser Issues

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Chrome Browser Issues

I'm a fairly new Comcast internet customer, I signed up less than a month ago. When I started, I had Chrome as one of my browsers, on a P4 Win XP Sp3 32 bit machine and everything worked ok, but was slow. I had your technician Sam out, and he installed a few new items and got the speed up. Kudos to Sam!  Everything was fine until some kind of update occurred in your system within the last few days, and my machine crashed!  I rec'd error codes from Norton 360, Firefox, and Google Chrome that I had installed conflicting software and needed to remove all three of those items.  (I had not done anything at all!)  The messages came one after another.  I have un-installed them, re-installed them, been informed that they were corrupted during download, and to un-install them again!  I can't get Norton 360 or Internet Security to reload without both of them becoming corrupted.  I couldn't even get NIS to remove two nights ago, and started chatting with your agent MK Rajeesh on case # 35340344.  He removed it with a special program he installed, and then tried to install N360, but not only was it corrupted, but it stated that it was infected with a virus when he finished.  He never made any further attempt to resolve the issue, and I helplessly watched as he took the cursor up to the chat box and clicked on Disconnect!  Talk about Support!  I have run virus scans, cleaners etc, and now have my machine half way working, but the chrome I downloaded from your website keeps giving me Ahh!! freeze-ups when I go to the website, I reload the page and then it tells me to download a new chrome, which I did to begin with.  I still can't get any Norton product to load without failing.  Firefox doesn't work any longer either.  Can you please help me out here?  I know it's a P4 with Win XP SP3, but your field tech was pretty impressed that it ran as fast as it did after he resolved the cable/connector issues!   The Chrome that loaded from Xfinity is: Ver 49.0.2623.112.  I found the website with all the Chrome legacy versions on it,   Should I have a different one for a P4 XP SP3 32 bit machine?  Please advise . . .


Re: Chrome Browser Issues

It looks like the problem is that Chrome is no longer supported for use with XP and Vista.  See here-------------------------


Neither is Firefox.