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Cannot access my email


Cannot access my email

I cannot get my email to load, after I sign in it says loading your comcast xfinity email. I cleared my browser cache and restarted my browser which is Microsoft edge. Please help I need to get into my email asap.
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Re: Cannot access my email

I'm not a Comcast employe or mole, but I've had others experiencing the same who are former Comcast customers. Comcast has an issue with email forwarding configuring. They've either incompetently or purposely allowed users Mail Forwarding settings to point BACK to thier comcast email account essentially creating an endless server processing loop which is leading to blacklisting and blocking users access because they are being as spammers. Login to your Comcast account from a Comcast connection point (connected to the Comcast network) and you should be able to administer your mail account. While there check the mail forwarding setting to insure no one has tampered with your email settings and your settings are NOT set to forward back to your Comcast email account. They have been made aware of this condition and issue with Mail Forwarding and I suspect they are frantically scrambling to address it currently because they now know folks are aware of the potential security ramifications of allowing that configuration abilty to persist, not to mention the reputational damage it is causing. If you are getting a "server timeout", you have most likely been flagged as a spammer which in reality the incompetely allowed mail forwarding back to the Comcast  primary or secondary email accts in Comcast mail settings, and the SPAM D.O.S. result status on the servers is a direct result of Comcasts inability to secure the mail forwarding settings option in the users mai configuration options. When you're blocked from connecting from another ISP point of entry, neither your email client will be able to Received mail and you cannot access your customer account Mail t manage. view, read, delete, or foward because the pages seem to be associated with the denied server connection during recieving of mail when using mail clients. They appear to be interconnected. Vz folks are experiencing the same dilema and I am personally aware of a handful of others who are experiencing the same blocking issue who were former Comcast customers making use of Comcast's offer of supporting former customer's email accounts, which I thin is a nice positive, smart thing marketing wise for them to be doing. Maybe they are having a change of heart, but just are stating it publically and needm to "go! or get off the pot".