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Can't Access My Email / Appsuite

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Can't Access My Email / Appsuite

Here is the issue. I log into my account, and hit the "email" icon button. It redirects me to the white loading screen for a few seconds, but it returns me to the home screen. I can repeat this process several times, but I just end up back at the home screen.


Step 1:

1 2.jpg


Step 2:

2 2.png


I have tried everything. I have tried multiple internet browsers, cleared my browser history, tried multiple computers, tried my phone, and I even tired the xfinity app. Nothing I do, will give me access to my email account. Other users in my household can use their emails. I'm the only one who can not access my account, and I'm out of ideas. I tried customer service, but they could only scratch the surface of the problem. Whatever is happening is exclusive to my account, and I have no way to solve it. No one has an answer for me. We pay our bills every month. So what gives?


My only hunch is that I have not been active on the email, and they must have disabled it. If that is the case, is there any way I can have that email activated again? Or is it time to cut my loses with that email and comcast all together.

Thanks to anyone who can help.


Edit: Not sure why the images aren't showing up.