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CA Root Certificate is not trusted

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CA Root Certificate is not trusted

I keep getting Security Alert pop-ups on my screen even if I am not actively using my PC.  It says that the CA Root Certificate is not trusted. Says it's Valid from 9/17/2014 to 9/17/2015 - ends up happening always after there is an outage or hick-up in your connectivity of service.  I have all the screen-captures available.  It pops-up about 100 layer upon layer and requires me to close each one manually.  Why in the world has this not been fixed on your end. A customer has no control over renewing your certificate and maybe it's because you've changed to that no one realized at xfinity to correct the comcast side of things.


I was considering simply going into "Manage computer certificates" and/or "Manage user certificates" and under the "|Action" tab at top go to find then select "All certificate stores" then search for "comcast" where it does come up and simply clicking on the "File" tab then deleting but I want to make certain that it doesn't screw more up.



Certificate Information Details displays Invalid.JPG
Certificate Information.JPG
Multipl Layers of Security Alert Pop-Up.JPG
Security Alert is a frequent but Random Pop-Up.JPG
Security Alert Pop-Up.JPG
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Re: CA Root Certificate is not trusted

I noticed this issue show up as well. I'm used to working with Certs where I work, so I was a bit surprised to see this show up out of nowhere on my end at home regarding comcast. Following for updates and replies to troubleshoot this or how to handle dealing with this in the future.