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Bounced emails

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Bounced emails

Because of the shenanigans going on with Comcast's email upgrades over the past weeks, several of my correspondents, particularly Southwest Airlines and Capital One bank, have placed my emails in a bounce status. Although it appears that most of the Comcast bouncing issues have been resolved, neither Southwest nor Capital One will re-activate my email addresses. They are both blaming Comcast or me or a spam filter. I do not use any spam filters.


How can I get someone at Comcast to fix these issues with Southwest and Capital One?


Also, since I am not sure if there are other bounce issues with other corresponents, does Comcast keep any records of what emails it bounced?


I was told by several Comcast phone CSR's that Comcast never bounces emails and maintained all corrspondence during the extended outages, but that's been proven not true in at least my case.


Thank you. 


Re: Bounced emails

Exactly what do the bounce messages say?  Are you getting them, or are the senders saying they are getting them?  You should call Comcast security and see if they can tell what's going on.