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Amazon emails being redirected

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Amazon emails being redirected

My Comcast email filter rules section has a conditional rule: "Sender/From contains Amazon" and is redirected to an unknown Outlook email address.   I have changed my  Comcast email password twice in the past 24 hour period, I deleted this rule rule twice but after about 5 or 6 hours, the same rule comes back with a different name.   I discovered it because I could not access Amazon, nor change my Amazon password.   I've called Amazon and they confirm there has been suspicous fraudulent activity with my Amazon account.   They have sent me emails, but I have not seen it....probably because of this filter and rule.    Amazon is in the process of wiping everything clean but I'm concerned that this rule may show up again, and Amazon will send me a confirmation email, only to be hijacked and routed to the account.


How can I have Comcast review what is happening with my email account behind the scenes, and can they prevent this rule from being created by anyone else other than me?


Has anyone else experienced this with Comcast?