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2 isssues: Attachments missing & sending emails

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2 isssues: Attachments missing & sending emails

When third parties send me an email with an attachment, the email comes through w/o the attachment.  This only happens with Comcast, none of my other email providers.  And if attachment sent to multiple parties, everyone receives attachment but me.  These attachments are either photos or applications (one page typed docs).  These circumstances suggest a settings or spam (I've checked spam filters; doesn't seem to be issue). It's not a documents size issue either as I've had friends test send me tiny attachments.  


What can I do to correct/adjust comcast settings to accept attachments.




Second issue: I have an Android Moto cell phone that has three emails on it (a gmail account that is primary, my Comcast, and a yahoo acct).  On my phone, I cannot reply to or forward any email originally sent to Comcast.  It "queues" up, but never sends.




Re: 2 isssues: Attachments missing & sending emails

I cannot duplicate the attachment issue myself.  It works OK for me.  So I'll suggest you call Comcast security and ask them to look at your account and see what is going on.  -------------------


Comcast Customer Security Assurance-------------------

Normal business hours (6:00 am to 2:00 am EST, 7 days a week)

1 - 888-565-4329


I don't have an Android phone, but how are you accessing the email on it?  Using the native mail app that comes with the phone, or the Xfinity Connect mobile app or something else?  Can you send and receive email normally on the phone if you just sign in with the browser and webmail interface?