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2-Factor Authentication for E-Mail

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2-Factor Authentication for E-Mail

After the Equifax breach I activated 2-factor authentication for the email account I use as my rescue account.  I really wanted to do it for all my Xfinity accounts, but the Xfinity system requires a different mobile phone number for each accountusing 2-factor.  Brilliant!  Which person has 4 different mobile phones?

Even more problematic is that it seems impossible to activate 2-factor for my email accounts.  This is like putting a secure deadbolt on the front door but leaving the back door wide open.

I have had two lengthy calls with Xfinity Support.  Each got escalated to the next level. Each ended up with a support ticket being submitted - suposedly. No response for several weeks.  Useless!

Does anyone know how to better secure my Comcast email?  I use MS Outlook client to access the Comcast server.  Any help appreciated.


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Re: 2-Factor Authentication for E-Mail

When you were setting up the verification, were you not offered the option to use an alternate email address instead of a phone number?  This explains the process-------------------------


Each email account would need to use a different, non-Comcast, email address as the  2nd authentication factor.

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Re: 2-Factor Authentication for E-Mail

Perhaps nice instructions, but the link is broken. 

The problem many people have is they don't have enough mobile phone numbers and non-Comcast email accounts to set up 2-factor authentication on multiple username accounts.

Comcast's implementation for security and two factor authentication is flawed (I'm being extremely kind  here) for the case where one  has several secondary user names as part of the same Xfinitiy and email account.

The Comcast portal hack on 31 January 2018 is scary.  I can't access my primary account (4 days now) and I can't set  up two factor authentication on most of our secondary usernames. 

Comcast "support agents" say to use a secret question as on of the two factor authentications, but only one secondary account has offered that option.

Try a little harder, Comcast!