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which wireless components are compatible with Comcast security?

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which wireless components are compatible with Comcast security?

I just had my Xfinity Home security system installed. All is working great. I currently have the basics (windows, doors and motions sensors), but was looking to possibly add some water sensors (for basement water heater) and video cameras. The tech that installed the system mentioned that i can get various wireless components and add them myself (instead of paying the $200 Comcast fee and $10/month charge).




  • which brands/models of wireless cameras can I add myself?
  • are there any other water sensors I can use (besides the $39.99 one on the Comcast site)?





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Re: which wireless components are compatible with Comcast security?

I don't see any responses to this post so does that mean there are no 3rd party wireless products compatible with XFinity Home?  I have two Netgear Arlo wireless cameras from another location that I could use.  Wondering if I can use them?  Any help?

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Re: which wireless components are compatible with Comcast security?

You have two options as far as adding additional equipment.  There is the "Works with Products" such as the August Door locks and Nest Thermostats and Lutron Lighting kits.  These don't fully integrate with Xfinity as they will only be accessable through the Xfinity App.  You won't be able to pair them with the touch screen or have access to them through the Web portal or App on the Xfinity TV.  I have one of the August Locks and it is ok but still wish I could see it on the touchscreen.  The other option is to go with products that work directly with Xfinity.  As far as I know the only cameras the system supports are the ICamera 2  (may be some old ICamera 1 still out there)that they have one their web site.  You can find them though cheaper at other sites such as Amazon.  I have seen them there for about $79.  I have 6 (current limit) of them and installed four myself.  The videos on Xfinity web site will walk you through the steps and it is fairly easy.  The only lighting modules and switches that I have found that work and pair with the touchscreen are from Centralite.  You can do searches and get them from several sources.  Just make sure that you get ones that are Zigbee and not Zwave. I tried a wall switch from GE and one worked great but since then all the ones I have tried won't pair.  I think Comcast changed something in their system.  I also have four of the Kwickset door locks and these work great.  Currently the only ones that Xfinity support are the kwickset914 (Zigbee) and I think the only place you can get them are from Best Buy.  I have also added additional door, window and motion detectors and thermoststs have found that the ones that will work are from Centralite. I know Amazon has some and this site ( still has some of the wall switches for lights.  Again just make sure that you get the Zigbee compliant ones.


Re: which wireless components are compatible with Comcast security?

Here is the current list of compatible XFINITY Home wireless components:


  • August Smart Locks

Any model; an August Connect WiFi bridge is required


  • Chamberlain or LiftMaster MyQ Garage Door Openers

MyQ Garage (MYQ GO201)
MyQ Internet Gateway (CIGBU)
MyQ Internet Gateway Connectivity Kit (CIGCWC)
Smart Garage Door Openers with MyQ included. Please see models on the Chamberlain website or the LiftMaster website.


  • GE (Jasco) Wireless Light Switches and Dimmers (XFINITY Home - Secure required)

Plug-in Wireless Smart Dimmer (45852)
Plug-in Wireless Smart Switch (45853)
In-Wall Wireless Smart Dimmer (45857)
In-Wall Wireless Smart Switch/Relay Switch (45856)


  • Lutron Caseta Wireless Light Switches and Dimmers

Caseta Wireless In-Wall Light Switch PRO (PD-5WS-DV)
Caseta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer (PD-6WCL)
Caseta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer PRO (PD-10NXD)
Caseta Wireless Plug-in Lamp Dimmer (PD-3PCL)


  • Nest Thermostat

First, second and third generation


  • Sengled

LED Light Bulbs (XFINTIY Home - Secure required)

Element Touch LED Wireless Bulb (Z01-CIA19NAE26)

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Re: which wireless components are compatible with Comcast security?

found this written online dunno if it helps