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XCAM - adding Live Views to touchscreen

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XCAM - adding Live Views to touchscreen

I had 1 Xcam and 3 old version of the Comcast Cameras, I could see all live views on my touchscreen, the XCAM was installed by a tech.  I now had to install all new XCAMs self install for my house, and while I can see live views for all 4 new cameras on the Xfinity Home app with no problem, now none of them will view live on touchscreen?  -- I went through touchscreen and did the add camera, and the circle spins and then after 10 - 15 minutes it can't find any new camera and the only option is to abort.  I really need the ability to see live views of the cameras on my touchscreen please help


Re: XCAM - adding Live Views to touchscreen

 with the newer XCAM cant not pair with the touchscreene have to be pair with your modem username and password i have 3 of XCAM along with recording in the security plus plan for my apt   the tec train me how to do those 

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Re: XCAM - adding Live Views to touchscreen

caraki -


If you have successfully paired your cameras, can view them on the Xfinity Home app and can only see still images from the cameras on the Touchscreen (and not live video), it's likely that you have our newest model of camera (the xCam2) and a TCA203 Touchscreen.  Live Video is not yet supported for xCam2 cameras on the TCA203.


To see which camera you have, look on the back - you will either see xCam or xCam2.  To see which model of Touchscreen you have, refer to this article which has images of the three models we currently support.


To see live video on the Touchscreen, you would need to swap your model out for the XH1-TC or the Xfinity Home Station. 


If you have the xCam2 / TCA203 configuration, please give us a call to see if we are able to run on this type of appointment in your area to have a technician perform the swap (some areas might still be restricted for certain appointment types due to COVID-19).


I hope this helps!

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