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X Cam


I purchased a few X Cam Cameras from a third party.


I followed the steps of pairing and to no sucess.



Here is how my security is set up.  a little hsitory.

I have a comcast gateway- also what comcast refers to a a " sidecar"  which is basically a router.  I currently have 4 cameras- old ones that do not support 24/7 monitoring so i purchased these.  They want to charge me to come out and pair and set up.


I am  very technical person but pairing these has proved beyong frustration.


There is a step by step guide.  I followed to the t.  no pairing.  I have a few questions

At the point where on the touchpad, it ask me to asemble Cam and connect to the gateway.  I plug the camera into the cat5 splitter.  and one connection to the power brick, then the yellow cat 5 to the back port of router ( i have #4 open).  The lights are amber, then go to blue on the power brick and flash blue on front of camera.


then when i go to the touchpad, and ask to recognize the cam and pair.  i never detects the camera- comes out with Red X.  I have retried several times and no go.  The Camera and everything is right next to the router and gateway.


I did get it to pair once, then as directions state  disconnect everything, then hook the cat 5 connecter directly to the power brick.  it should pick up wireless and connect.  It showed the camera on the screen but failed to connect.


I did talk to a higher level tech and he said to connect everything and push the button on the brick for 10 seconds,  i did this and then after letting go, the power brick and camera went blue.  Brick steady blue, camera flashing blue.  but followed instructions and tried to pair, still no luck


The instructions state this is a tem minute process- well i spent over two hours frustrated at why this doesnt work.


Now i guess i am forced to pay comcast to hook the cameras up unless someone can help me.  please be very technical.. i dont mind.


i cant even log into sidecar router to ensure its connected and showing up on the router GUI.


Help someone,,,, i pay 50 dollars a month which is alot  my cabel bill with everything is upwards of 240 per month and frustrating.  I have had comcast at my house 5 times for other issues   cable and internet in last few months.



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Re: X Cam

Hi Mike, 


If you purchased the X Cams' from a former Comcast customer, can you please ensure you have reset the camera to factory default, and then power brick, and follow the steps of pairing. If a technician is needed to come out, I can help get this scheduled to make sure your cameras are up and working. 


If you are interested in having a tech out, please send me a private message verifying your first and last name, the phone number, street address, and the account number associated with your services.


To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me.

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Re: X Cam


I have them working now.  I had to find the manufacturers website and figured both the camera and the power brick needed factory reset.  Once I did that to both it was very easy.  Thanks for the reponse.  I spent like 60 minutes on the phone with support and they were reading from a scripted doc.  I kindly asked to talk to a high level support.  They guy told me to push the "button" on the power brick to reset to factory.  Obvoiusly that was wrong.  The cam and brick both need rest.  


Oh  now I have a new keppad to add.  It appears i am blocked to add this.  When they installed mine the used the old keypad.  I cant use it to arm in all three modes.  I have the newer one.  Do I need comcast to come out and pair or can you tell me how.  I hate to have somone come out for just that.


Plus I would imagine there is a fee?


Thanks again


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Re: X Cam

Great! I'm happy you were finally able to get it figures out, and am sorry it took so long to do so. I'd be more than happy to see what I can do to help get this taken care of. If you can, please verify your account info in a private message and we can go from there.