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Window/door sensors going through batteries

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Window/door sensors going through batteries

I am wondering if something is wrong with a couple of my window sensors....about 32 days after install 2 of my window sensors said they needed new batteries. It took me a while to find the batteries and replace. This morning I woke up to that lovely of the same sensors I replaced 2 months ago has a low battery. Could it have something wrong with it and be draining the battery?

Re: Window/door sensors going through batteries

The original installer (over three  years ago ) told me the window/door sensor batteries should last about two years. I have the Visonic sensors. They were still working at three years when I decided to replace them myself (preventative maintenance).  Something is not right if you are using known good batteries from a reputable manufacturer.  If you know how to use a volt-meter, I would be curious as to the voltage before installation and after you get the low battery warnings.