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Security Camera Equipment Return

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Security Camera Equipment Return

Very disappointed after having camera added to my home, I didn't like it and I installed a different system myself. I went to the Xfinity store and try to return the camera for a refund and I was told that I had to call the Home Services and they gave me a number.

I called and I was told by the agent (Juan) that I couldn't return it because I had purchased it and it was mine to do with it what I pleased, I told him that it had just been installed a couple of weeks ago and he replied with the same "No return or refund".

Then I talked to a supervisor whch basically told me the same and said that it was company policy and that we had 3 days to return it from the day of the installation. "NO ONE TOLD US THAT", if I had known I would've returned the second day.

So here I am extremely disappointed as I have a $120 camera that I will not use and seriously weighing to cancel all my services.

I've been a comcast/xfinity customer for years, paid thousands of dollars over that time and I DON'T LIKE THIS SITUATION.