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Camera issues

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Camera issues

I had our Xfinity Home services installed two days ago and have had various issues with the camera. For starters, it rarely works on the iPhone app. When I am on the app home screen, I can maybe see the camera preview (still shot) 25% of the time. Otherwise it will say "Preview unavailable". When I do see the still shot and click into the camera, the live feed never works and I will get a message saying "Could not connect to the camera". Again, this has never worked.


I managed to access my camera via web browser and wanted to view recorded data (I have enabled 24/7 recording) but when I drag the timeline, nothing loads. If I open the browser console, I can see a 404 error being logged.


Is this an issue with the Xfinity software or do I have a hardware (camera) issue?

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Re: Camera issues

Check the light on the camera and if it has two solid blue lights it is connected and if not then there is an issue with pairing. May be too far from the touchscreen or modem.  MAy have to have it moved.  If the lights are solid and still having issues then probably a hardware issue and need to have a tech check it out.