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why wasn't I informed..

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why wasn't I informed..

I got Xfinity about a year and a half ago. It was a special price of about $98/mo.  A year later, my bill went up to about $130/mo. I think it would have been nice if Xfinity had sent a reminder email about the rate going up.


Not only did the monthly rate go up (per the agreement so no worries there really) household's monthly streaming usage all of a sudden seemed to double. We still don't understand it. We went over our 1Tb of data for several months and tried to cut down usage but it didn't seem to help. The bill was getting out of control. I decided to upgrade my package so my monthly bill would include TV and cut down on my streaming using other apps like Vudu, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube.  A few days, literally, after I'd made the switch, a Comcast rep shows up at my door and said he'd look at my account and that I'd been paying too much. He wanted to sell me a new package (which I had just done on my own). I explained WHY I'd made the switch, and he told me that I could have just paid $10 more per month on that existing plan (putting it at about $145/mo) and had UNLIMITED STREAMING!  Not a single other person told me that and I was not aware, nor had I seen this in any of the Xfinity literature online. The guy selling me the new package never mentioned it either.  Honestly, I can now see almost all of the shows I used to stream on other apps, with my new package. But I would have liked to have known that I could have saved a few hundred dollars in overage fees over the past several months if someone had contacted me sooner!  So I am a bit irritated that I really didn't have to spend hundreds extra the past few months.  


I hope this makes sense and helps someone - anyone!  Knowledge is power and you can't make good decisions with inaccurate or WITHHELD knowledge.