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why is every call with your company an issue?

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why is every call with your company an issue?

I have spoken to 3 "representatives" from your company and I still do not understand why I do not l know what is going on with my bill. I ask to speak to a supervisor, HOPING, they could give me some piece of mind and they can not even get on the phone with me. What type of company is this seriously?! I try to answer my own questions and I can not even look at my bill online! like how, why?! Why every time I log into this stupid website it tells me I owe 758.11, can't showe me a bill but you make sure you have my billing info saved and ready to take my money! How am I going to be able to go over my bill when all I hear is different answers from every person I talk to and a supervisor who can't even do their job! Even if I have to birth the next person that  makes an internet company that puts you out of business, I can not wait until the day I never have to do business with you again.

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Re: why is every call with your company an issue?

Hello NTAnderson. We apologize for any frustration. I can help you with your billing questions and concerns. In order to access your account, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can assist you.