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trying to get support now is getting silly


trying to get support now is getting silly

so.. questions on why my autopayment has been saying processing for a couple days now, when it was due on april 1.  i know i made changes to my service mid month last month so it created a partial overpayment, and required a recalculation of new service fees. i get that.... but..

there was initally issues setting up my 2ndary bank account as my autopay funds source. my bank shows no point of sale pending for xfinity.


i try calling support and get stuck in a loop of pressing buttons, only to end up being told to enter or something on my phone? or press 1 to go back to the main menu. odd.

i try chat online.. only to get told 'we'll call you back' by a bot... and....


i try posting here but it looks like maybe only 2 people from comcast are working from home. hmm...  i only want to make sure you guys get your money for april. any way we can check on what the hold up is on taking the funds out of my autopay source? i work from home, so if my internet gets shut off because of easily fixed issue, i'll be outta luck trying to get to speak to someone live.


anyone there? (scanning the forum for a living being....) yoo hoo?!


stay safe, be well...