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still fed up!

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still fed up!

Although Comcast did take care of a complaint I posted about my cable subsctiption last month, I am still exasperated about my email situation that I presented in that same post.

In that post, I menhioned that  I've had numerous email probelms for several months. Namely, I don't receive some emails that I have been told have been sent to me, the "serarch" function doesn't work consistently, I can't click on certain links within emails, etc, etc.  I had talked  to several different representatives in the past three months, but no solutions have been forthcoming. 

About a month ago, I was given a ticket number (I've had so many different ticket numbers, I've lost count), and told that I'd hear back within 48 hours.  I NEVER HEARD BACK.  When I called back a couple of weeks later, I was told that the case had been closed and there was no record of what had been done to rectify the issues I was having.  HOW CAN THEY "CLOSE A CASE" WITHOUT FIXING ANYTHING AND WITHOUT GETTING BACK TO ME????