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some feedback on recent interactions with Comcast

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some feedback on recent interactions with Comcast

Hi Comcast, 

I'm writing with some feedback on your customer service -- couldn't find a customer support email address, so posting it here.   I've made a number of calls recently to your customer service and have some feedback on your agents' response.    Whenever I have an issue including:

my internet isn't working

my internet still isn't working after an agent has come out to fix it

I've tried multiple times to add my husband to my account so he can call when the internet isn't working and the agent STILL needs to talk to me



It's obvious that your script is to immediately say "we are very sorry for the inconvenience" or "we are sorry to hear this".   And I get that this is standard, I hear it on every customer service call, however the way your agents say it feels so insincere and lacking any real substance.   Perhaps its the speed with which they say it, like they're reading it on a script, or the frequency that they say it (I feel like it slows down the whole conversation), or the fact that it's said without any real action behind it, but it just feels so void of any real remorse or concern.    I don't know what the answer is, but my feedback to Comcast is that through any of these calls, I have never felt that Comcast is truly sorry for my inconvenience.  In fact I find the response annoying.  

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Re: some feedback on recent interactions with Comcast

Good morning...

 First, apologies that I can not address any issues you may have concerning your internet connection, but, I may be able to lend a little insight into getting your husband into a position to be able to talk to the reps if needed.

 Try logging into your account. Once your account info loads, click on "Users". Since the reps are asking to speak to you, I'm assuming here that you should be listed as the primary user. If your husband has a comcast email, he will be listed as a secondary user. If he doesn't have an email set-up, then do so. Once his emai account is verified and he is listed as a secondary user, you will be able to log into your primary account ID, and give him "Unrestricted Secondary User" access. This should give him access up and down the system for most anything concerning the account, with possibly making actual account changes, NOT available...Not sure on that point, apologies. But it will show in the sysytem that he can  discuss the account with the reps.

 Just a shot, worked for me as my wife intially was the account holder and I had to end up going this route to have permission to talk to the reps myself..

 Good luck..



Re: some feedback on recent interactions with Comcast

Hi janettel -- I can help with any service issues you're having. I can also have your husband authorized on your account so our phone agents no longer will need to speak with you at all times. Please send me a PM with your name, full service address, and either phone number or account number. 


Click my name (ComcastZach) and click Private Message Me. 

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