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site survey / transfer service

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site survey / transfer service

@ComcastMichael and other support members.  Happy Sunday!

Wondering if you can assist with my service connection at new residence.


I am a current customer who is moving next week to a new built home that does not show up on the list of addresses when i select where i am moving to on the xfinity app > move or transfer service.  I see neighbors including the house 1 digit below my address number but not my address.


I have called in to speak to support to request service transfer and new line to be run to my house. 

They told me my address shows as unable to service.   

I explained it may be because its a new built home.  

They suggest i wait until i move in and speak with my neighbors and request info and then call in once I confirm service in my area. 


REALLY??  Why not schedule a site survey instead??


I just spoke to a technician out here servicing my current neighbor, about my service request and he suggested why not request a site survey?   

I had no idea what site survey was but he explained.

He mentioned Xfinity does that for businesses,  not sure if you do it for residences.


I hope you do.  we are just as important as any business.  I would like to get service connected at my new home as soon as i move in  [8/12 ETA] , as i work from home and need my service.

Can you please confirm if this is possible and submit my request?  Thank you.