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(resolved) - new internet Rates

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(resolved) - new internet Rates

Hi , my area has new Services & Pricing list efective Feb1 2020, and includes "new internet tiers" pricing.     Can you confirm for me the  100Mbps - Performance Select Internet  price?

. . . . . * list shows   (SEA-009)  if that denotes area


If price is As Listed,  then i'm Way overpaying  for my grandfathered 70Mbps Performance Internet tier,  which is additionally schedualed to further increase $3 when next bill is gennerated.

Edit:    went  to  Comcast store & changed internet service to  100Mbps Performance Select.

Yep if i hadn't noticed the feb1 2020 price reduction for currnet internet tiers, Comcast would have just continued charging me $26 more per month for 70Mbps service than what 100Mbps tier, (for existing customers), is priced at.