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regional sports fees

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regional sports fees

When I signed up for the current package we have, we understood that there was a regional sports broadcast fee. I didn't like it, because we don't watch sports, but it was explained to me. We signed up for our current package less than a month ago, and I checked our bill today and found out that the regional sports broadcast fee is now much more than what we were originally quoted. Had we been told that the fee was going to be over $15.00 a month for something we don't want and won't use, I may have seriously reconsidered signing up for our current cable package.


Suggestion - why don't you charge those that want to watch sports channels or games that are broadcast on a regional basis- (as in a pay per view type scenario), rather than charging everyone, considering that a lot of people being charged the fee couldn't care less about watching sports. Needless to say, I'm starting to think along the lines of changing our current subscription with Comcast with fees like this. This fee means that I'm paying over $180.00 a year for something that is of no benifit to me at all.

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Re: regional sports fees

Hello, I understand your concern and I apologize. The Regional Sports Fee is an itemized charge that recovers a portion of the costs of broadcasting multiple regional sports networks to our standard video services. The fee applies to Xfinity TV customers receiving Digital Starter and above, as well as Starter Latino TV/Xfinity TV 450 Latino service tier.

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Re: regional sports fees

@ComcastShane wrote: ... All TV service is going to have the Sports fee. 

Except for tiers that don't have sports channels, like:

  • Limited Basic
  • Family Tier
  • Digital Economy