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"Lost/Stolen" Cable Box

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"Lost/Stolen" Cable Box

Cliff Notes:  I have now been on the phone twice today for a combined two hours trying to get a resolution, and even just an answer as to why my X1 main box was deactivated for being "lost/stolen" equipment.  Equipment mind you, that I have had since August 21, 2017, when an actual Comcast Tech, not a third-party vendor, came to my home and installed it due to faulty transmission reception on the old box.  


Full story.  I first noticed the error code Thursday evening, but thought nothing of it thinking it was just a system update as the internet was still up and running.  Come back to the TV today and the same error code persisted.  I proceeded to call Comcast and they state they do not see the device.  I was transferred to an Escalation Tech to further investigate.  It turns out that my box, a box I received on the 21st of August of this year is now being reported as lost/stolen.  Something I find utterly surprising considering we have been using the box with zero issues and an actual Comcast tech came out to install it.  I was given two options, either have the box swapped out at a service center, which we can not do since we are traveling for the holidays or have a box shipped out, which we won’t be home to receive.  I found both options to be completely unacceptable, especially considering that no one could give me an answer as to why six months later, a box that I have been using, is now listed as lost/stolen.  


At that point Travis, the rep who was on the line said he understood and would attempt to contact billing and see if we could reach a better solution.  After being on hold for 15 minutes, Travis came back on the line, and I really hope you'll pull the recording, and stated that billing said they can go ahead and reactivate my box.  At that point I could no longer stay on the line as I had to take family to the airport.  He promised to take care of the issue as well as promising a call back at 11pm.  


I get home from the airport at 11:15pm, still no cable, still no device listed on my account, and definitely no call back.  At this point I am understandably quite upset.  I call again and the new service rep essentially tells me the only thing I can do is go to the service center or have a new box shipped out.  She stated that whatever I was told by Travis was incorrect, again I implore you to pull the tape.  It also shows that my box has actually be inactive since December 20th.


Ultimately I ask her to just cancel all my cable services, but internet; however she is not able to downgrade my account so now I must wait until tomorrow and deal with this while I am travelling for the holidays.  


I still don't have an answer as to why my box is suddenly lost/stolen.  I still don't have an answer as to why it can't be reversed.  I still have not received the courtesy any basic client would deserve.  I am simply just stunned and appalled that business can be run this way.  No clear chain of command or communication with no one to be held accountable.  Simply put I am done, I need my account fixed in the interim until I get back so I can move on to another provider or cut all cords once and for all.

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Re: "Lost/Stolen" Cable Box

ezrida, let's take a look at reactivating your box and settling the lost status. I can also look into moving you to an internet only deal if that is what you prefer. Please send me a private message (Click ComcastKenF and then click Private Message Me) with your phone number, account address, and full name for assistance.

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