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"Free" speed upgrade has nearly crippled my Internet usage

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"Free" speed upgrade has nearly crippled my Internet usage

*resubmitting this because my internet failed and i don't know if it posted or not*


I am yet another customer who received a letter in January with instructions on how to take advantage of the recent upgrade in speed, and after doing so, my capabilities have slowly eroded away until now I am averaging between 9Mbps and 16Mbps downloads, and my upload speed has been decimated to below 1Mbps (according to Test My Net & Speed of Me; the Xfinity speed test is complete garbage).

I have Performance Internet, consistently receiving 25Mbps - 35 Mbps download speeds before I power cycled the modem for the "free" increase.
I also own my own modems (Arris SB6141 & Netgear CM1000) and routers (Netgear R6250 & Linksys AC1900 (EA7500)) and have tried every possible modem with/without a router configuration to see if I could isolate any equipment issue, but my unacceptable speeds remain unmoved.

Considering the recent price increase which came through without a problem, I'm hoping to get this resolved asap.