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payment confirmation email address

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payment confirmation email address

In my contact listing, my email address is <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Personal Information">.  Somewhere there is a comcast email address which i have never used.  i found this out when i called for service the other day.  when i made a payment today, the confirmation was sent to the comcast email address.


Please update your records to use my contact email address - <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Personal Information">.  I would like all my emails from Comcast going to my <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Personal Information">.


Thank you.

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Re: payment confirmation email address

Please edit your message to remove the email address you posted. If you don't, your message will probably be deleted. The forums are public and it isn't safe to post personal information here. It's also against forum rules (see

To edit, log in to the Forums and, while viewing your message, click Options, Edit Message.


If you don't check your Comcast email it's a good idea to forward it to an address you do check. Once in a long while they send out stuff that's actually important.

If you still have the old "Zimbra" webmail (""), the setting is under Preferences / Email / Email Forwarding. If you have the new Open-Xchange "Appsuite" webmail (""), the setting is under (gear icon) / Settings / Mail / Auto Forward.


You can check your UserIDs on your home system with the Lookup tool at After you enter the requested information you'll see a list of the UserIDs on your account

And to manage your contact information see

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Re: payment confirmation email address

Thanks for providing that insight BruceW. 


Hi @ingrid_persson. Were you able to follow and update your contact information via account management on our web portal? If not, I can assist in getting our system updated for the email address you request. Of course, please do not post any email addresses publicly via the Forums, as this violates the Forum Guidelines. If you still need help updating your preferred email, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can assist you.