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my service

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my service

I need to down grade my service because this cable is a LUXURY i can't continue
to afford!!

i don't know who changed my service to "Digital Preferred" with 200+ channels,
but apparently it wasn't somebody that has to pay my bill! I can't pay $250+
every month! I have more important bills to pay like Semco and Consumers! And I
don't have digital TVs!

I want my plan changed to either the STARTER or Economy plan, without premium
channels or extra sports packages! Because next month, it will probably be
cutoff permanently! I live in Michigan and gas and lights are waaay more

I expect this to be completed before your next billing cycle. Because my next step is to cancel my service and refering my info to the MIAG's office.


Re: my service

dude,buy a tv, so you can enjoy modern television. I remember my dad bringing home our 1st black and white in the 60s, but I shure wouldnt watch an antique like that now!

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Re: my service

Hello @lbrown86. I can assist with downgrading your services. Before we can change your services, we'll need to access your account after verifying your account information. Please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can assist you.