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moving and installation requirement

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moving and installation requirement

I moved to a new city 5 days ago.  I forgot to update my account.  Now I found out I have to wait for "installation" until 7/11.  Why do I even need installation?  Why wouldn't my account be activated based on the new address I submitted?

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Re: moving and installation requirement

Every address is different, it may not be self install eligible. If you think moving to a new address just consists of "updating your account info" then there is the main problem. A) Has Comcast had service there? How long has it been, any other providers since? C) Did the previous customer have all of the same services you have? D) Are there enough outlets for your service needs? E) Did the previous customer(s) leave a delinquent balance? F) Is this city in the same market as your previous? There are many other questions, but I believe you get the point.