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making it easy to upgrade to HD and customer service chat leaves much to be desired

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making it easy to upgrade to HD and customer service chat leaves much to be desired

We got a new tv recently,  so on a whim I decided to log into my account and see what it would take in terms of equipment and cost to upgrade our service to HD.   Didnt feel like talking on the phone and/ or dealing with any up selling.   I figured it would be a simple ordeal to pull up my account and see what it would entail/cost.  Amazingly there was no info on upgrading to HD.....only upgrades to more channels,  higher internet speeds and other services.   No where from my account page was there even a reference  to HD.    The only place i found anything was in the forums,   when I searched for whether or not my box was HD compatible.   From what I read apparently was.   So still not wanting to actually talk with anyone in person.....I went against my better judgement and decided to "chat" with a repersenative.  I was very specific with my initial questions.   Questions such as....."Is HD available in my area?".  "Is my current box HD ready/compatible,  just needing a hdmi cable( i provided model #)?"   "How much would it additional cost woulsd it be whether a monthly or 1 time fee?".      While the repersenative was very polite and all.......I got nothing but repeated up selling from the very beginning despite the fact that I repeatedly told them I was interested in nothing but upgrading my current plan to HD.  "This is why we cant have nice things"    For seems to me  that this should have been easy peasy to find out on my own from my own account page.    Secondly......Im a customer in good standing......I dont think I should get the car salesman pressure tactics.    In the end......after swatting away the multiple offers of unwanted upgrades and security systems....the repersenative finally said that I would need to exchange my box and rework my entire plan.    At this point I dont even know whether I believe it as the references in the forums seemed to imply my box was just fine.   At this point....I really dont even care.   What should have been easy peasy and perhaps a few extra dollars into the coffers of Xfinity.......Im left with regretting the fact I ever even considered an upgrade.   Is that the way its suppose to work?

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Re: making it easy to upgrade to HD and customer service chat leaves much to be desired

Good evening, I understand your frustrations and I apologize for the experience. I can assist you from here if you would like, no upselling. Would you like me to look at your account from here?