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how do I get English Speaking Customer Service

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how do I get English Speaking Customer Service

AFter 2 hours I finally got an english speaking person named Joe, that said Xfinity only has non-USA based technical support, that only they are the experts and that non USA personal can help diagnose issues with broken internet service.    I am so frustrated I have been down for over 2 hours now, and still nobody that speaks English except some yahoo named Joe in Baltimore Maryland that said Comcast does not have USA based technicians... REALLY !!!!


And the non english understanding technical support department does not understand a word you are saying, you say my internet speed is not working, they say yes I see, I can help you with all my resources, what do you need...  I repeat and they say yes I can help you, can you explain problem, I say it again, and by now of course I am not happy.   and ask for USA, they say we can not connect you to USA, really!!!!


How Ridiculous do you think this is treating USA customers like this?