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dropped and buried line, but no notification

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dropped and buried line, but no notification

Comcast had given me updates about a planned new line buried in my yard.  That was due to extensive signal loss from box to house.  They gave me updates about plans to do it, about utilities marking it, but never actually updated either to me or IN THE SYSTEM that they had done it.  My phone part of the triple play got scrambled and the provisioning of the cable/voice modem got corrupted and rejected.  Then Comcast removed my phone from my account (after provisioning it finally, correctly). 


How do I get compensated for this?  How do I correct this?  I can't even reach someone who knows anything thru the 1-800 line.  They have been incredibly unhelpful and persistently negative about elevating me to someone who can.

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Re: dropped and buried line, but no notification

Hi CurmudgeonSupre, 


Thank you for posting to the Forums to bring this to our attention. I'd like to apologize for the experience you've had with your phone services during this time, and would like to make this right by completing the necessary phone provisioning and assisting with compensation for this issue. Can you please send a private message including the full name as it appears on the account and your full name if different? 


To send a Private Message, please click Comcast_Support” and click “send a message.

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Re: dropped and buried line, but no notification

I PM'd but also would like the forum to know:

The drop was done poorly.  Our lawn was aerated today and chopped the comcast wire--aeration has been done for years on my lawn and never damaged a more deeply buried comcast wire, indicating service which was likely done shoddy fashion.


The wire was buried too superficially--within 3 inches of the surface, when it is supposed to be done greater than 6 inches (optimally more than 8 inches according to lawn company).  Also, a conduit is supposed to be placed, and that did not happen.  The line was not even attached or "crimped" correctly at the house.  I don't understand how all parts of the dropped new line performed by comcast could be performed with such poor craftsmanship now requiring a re-do not to mention no notification.


And reaching customer service is near impossible.  I cannot even speak to a human.