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deceptive billing practices

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deceptive billing practices

June 2019, in good faith I made a two year deal with Comcast for 195.91 INCLUSIVE!!!!!!! starting in July 2019.


Not only did you start charging me more in June NOT July but you also didn't honor your two year deal. Apparently in the fine print the deal was only good for 12 days, NOT TWO YEARS and you didn't even give me the 12 days of credit for the better price I had already.

TV Digital Starter
Internet Blast! Pro
Voice CDV Unlimited Select Primary Line
$120.00 / mo
The offer is subject to the terms of your 24-month term agreement.
$230 Early Termination Fee applies.
DVR Service
Equipment & Services
Digital Preferred
$9.99 / mo
$9.99/mo for 12 months, then regular rates apply
Service with TV Box
$9.95 / mo
Service with TV Box
$9.95 / mo
DVR Service
DVR Service
Internet/Voice Equipment Rental
$13.00 / mo
Published Listing
$0.00 / mo
Additional XFINITY Monthly Charges
Broadcast TV Fee
$8.70 / mo
Regional Sports Fee
$8.00 / mo
Taxes, Surcharges & Fees
Estimated Taxes, and Government & Other Fees
$16.32 / mo
Next Bill
Estimated Monthly Bill
(Excludes one-time charges.)
$195.91 / mo

Go to for a view of your monthly services.



At no time did the agent discuss itemized parts of the bill package nor did they disclose that part of the deal was only good for 12 days and that that part of package I agreed to (above) was only good until July 12 2019. Essentially offering me a deal that would already be gone by the time the deal was supposed to start in July 2019. And at the same time they got me to agree to a two year deal, and started charging me two weeks early. Yes, you have a text I approved. In the long conversation I had with the agent June 15th 2019. Our conversation was regarding a two year package deal for 195.91/mo. In the text I looked for a 2 yr term and the agreed monthly amount. And that is what I approved. I trusted that the agent disclosed all of the important details of the deal.  They did not mention at any time the the total price would increase in 12 days not two years. Is Comcast going to honor the deal your agent made on June 15th or not?