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deals to existing senior customers

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deals to existing senior customers

I did not receive an email or phone call from comcast regarding my question on better deals to existing senior customers ending contracts. Don't you care????????

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Re: deals to existing senior customers

Hi SDANG, I can assist going over current promotions with you. Can you please send me a private message with your account information (your name, address and account number).


Thank you


You can click on my name (ComcastPhill) and click on “Private Message Me”. 

At the top of each Forum page you will see a small envelope 

This is the icon for Private Messages, referred to as ‘PM’s’. A Private Message is a way to communicate in private, to another User, Moderator, or Administrator out of public view in the Forums.

The gray envelope icon will have a number next to it if you have any new messages waiting. 

To open a PM to read it, double click on the envelope. If you click on the white envelope a window will open with tabs for your Private Message Inbox, Sent Messages, Friends, Ignored Users, and Compose new Message. You can also access this area by clicking on the Username in a Thread or post. By default, Private Messages are enabled. You can disable this feature in My Settings>Preferences> Private Messenger.